CPUProcessor Specs

Intel Core i3-540 Specifications

Name: Core i3-540
Manufacturer: Intel
Number of Cores: 2
Socket: LGA 1156
Fabrication: 32 nm
Transistors (millions): 382
Die Size: 81 mm
Family: Core i3
Code Name: Clarkdale
Clock Frequency: 3066 MHz
Front Side Bus (FSB) Speed: 1066 MHz
Clock Multiplier: 23.00x
Voltage: 0.6500 - 1.4000 V
L2 Cache: 512 KB
Max Power Consumption: 73 watts
I/O Bus: DMI
Part Number(s): CM80616003060AE, BX80616I3540, BXC80616I3540
Spec Number(s): SLBMQ (C2), SLBTD (K0)
Launch Date: 2010-1
Release Price (USD): $133.00

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